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Huzur Aqua intends to be always preferred leader company with its personnel that it is in cooperation with in terms of technology and quality by presenting its differentness, reliability, proficiency and quality to its customers.

Despite being new in its sector, our company has proved itself in the matter of production, its founder intends to be leader in the sector with customer satisfaction in exploring new investment ways in our globalized world where borders are nearly destroyed by combining his experiences he gained in cast manufacturing sector for years with his spirit of entrepreneurship.

As Huzur Aqua, our mission is to contribute to the sector and country development by researching the improvements in our sector, always aiming to do better and giving particular importance to quality and environment, always presenting reliable products and services in best quality and price, meeting the expectations of our customers and ramping up our production.


  • Making no compromises of quality and honesty at all
  • Discharging our social responsibility towards our customers, personnel and country
  • Being open to technological improvements and using it in accordance to our customers’ and personnel’ expectations
  • Being reliable
  • Being Quality
  • Giving the best service after the sale

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Having been founded in 1995, our company has mainly served in automotive sector. A set of bonnet pieces of the vehicles produced by TEMSA automotive and the production of bus heater water systems were done by our company. We have started to the work of the production and project designing of Aqua water slides since 2011 by considering requirement in Mediterranean zone.

Considering the fact that each project has its own product and solution needs, we adopt an disciplined approach in finding optimum solutions by making no concessions on security for using the capital ideally.

Whether it is one slide investment or an aqua park investment, Huzur Aqua contributes to the investment to be completed in planned time not only by product design but also by considering project management approach.

With its project management approach, Huzur Aqua is in the struggle for considerably increasing the investment productivity by providing product’s cost and time components in customer’s favor.

We confirm to guarantee our services’ continuousness as active and non-stop and accept it as our important responsibility toward our customers.


Iletisim Bilgilerimiz

  • Huzur Insaat Emlak Turuzim Seyahat Haberleşme Gıda LTD.Sti
  • E-mail: info@huzuraqua.com.tr
  • Telefon: 0322 346 50 50
  • Fax: 0322 346 77 00
  • GSM: 0532 441 67 14
  • Address: Ağaç İşleri Sanayi Sitesi Palmiye Cad. 2008 Sok. No:13 Yüreğir / ADANA

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