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Aralık - 2017

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After layout planning studies are done by architects and engineers working within the structure of our company, Economical, functional, reliable solutions are offered to you by considering demands and desires of employers. The projects are evaluated and offered by regarding their budgets and environment conditions. After labor agreement is done, the required support is given to infrastructure works by considering the area that water park will be established.


After a rigorous and conscientious work by our experienced technical production team, by using high-quality raw materials, our products are dispatched after they are prepared on time and each piece carefully are passed through quality control.

We always use only high-quality raw material for all our products. Quality management system is performed in all the phases from buying raw material to the delivery of products and services to the customer.

The components of time, equipment, labor force are pieced together for optimum benefit with the frame of our project management approach.


After our extremely experienced technical team in their job makes products functional on time and without any mistake, they do necessary tests and experiments, and your pleasure is assured even after the delivery is carried out.


The system that we have set up is under the guarantee of our firm for (2) years. Theguaranteeof 

engines (pump) is limited with the guarantee that is given by imported company.

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  • Huzur Insaat Emlak Turuzim Seyahat Haberleşme Gıda LTD.Sti
  • E-mail: info@huzuraqua.com.tr
  • Telefon: 0322 346 50 50
  • Fax: 0322 346 77 00
  • GSM: 0532 441 67 14
  • Address: Ağaç İşleri Sanayi Sitesi Palmiye Cad. 2008 Sok. No:13 Yüreğir / ADANA

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